Construction Sites

Protect your site from theft

Using our CCTV Trailer and solar powered camera traps with built in alarm detectors, we can combine intruder detection with CCTV and a public address system. To detect, identify and audio challenge the intruder in real time.

Minimise liability

Analyse what happened in a WHS injury claim with recorded CCTV footage. If people enter the site after hours and want to climb onto the equipment including the cranes, we can detect them and warn them off the site before they hurt themselves and cause damage.

Minimise on-site guard costs

From the Security operations centre our trained intervention specialists can react to intruder detection alarms and CCTV analytics to monitor your site remotely. This can augment or replace on site security guards, saving you 30-50% on your site security budget.

Other benefits that come with secWatch

Better project management

Project managers can use the CCTV system from the office to see where the project is up to. They can co-ordinate materials and trades for the site based on progress.

Transparent progress

By enabling the customer, architect, engineers and other trades view the CCTV system, the progress of the project is visible to everyone making planning easier and the need for email and phone calls on progress irrelevant.

Verify after hours deliveries

Where materials are being delivered to site after hours, they can be delivered under the camera so you can verify they were delivered. In the event of the materials being stolen you will have the evidence to find the thief and prosecute for arrest where applicable.

Project marketing

Using the time lapse functions on the cameras the client can show how the building literally came out of the ground by combining regular images into a video at then end of the project. The images can also be sent to the client or builders website automatically and be displayed to show the progress.

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